Our Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to organize, train and pay registered qualified members of the Association of business finance document professionals and associated subject matter experts.
Throughout this crisis & long after – Entrepreneurs and their enterprises will need support:  SBA loan processing, Emergency Relief Act documentation, equity presentations, business plans, websites, graphic design, pro forma work, financial statements, bookkeeping, tax returns, HR services, legal, consulting, accounting, and of course, CAPITAL.  Join our association today – work from your home office – be the solution to the problem – help build a substantial network of professionals that will steer entrepreneurs to the right path of rebuilding our infrastructure and the financial fabric that is the foundation of our Nation’s 250-year history of resilience, freedom and prosperity.

JOIN US!  We’re seeking Subject Matter Experts, Attorneys, Accountants, Vendors and Service Providers to Enterprises, Entrepreneurs and Startups.

Mission - Our mission is to empower Certified Blue Moon Advisors, our Membership of Professional Consultants and Subject Matter Experts with standardized material, punch lists, due diligence protocols, processes and certifications by managing a collaborative effort to serve enterprises with the following primary services and deliverables:

  • 1-page tear sheet
  • Business model canvas
  • Business valuations
  • Certified Business Plan™
  • CRR Score™
  • Capital Readiness Report™
  • Presentation Decks
  • Pro Forma Development
  • Situation Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tactical Planning
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Capital Formation Materials
  • Referrals to Capital


$250 Per Year

Subject Matter Experts, Attorneys, Accountants, Service Providers       Advertising in our printed material, search engine key word search of members and clients, referrals, when applicable

Affiliate Member

$500 Per Year

An Affiliate Member receives the same benefits as the Member, as well as the fact that they earn a 5% fee for Clients and Enterprises they refer to the Association. However, they do not receive fees for income generated by Members that they refer to the network

Blue Moon Advisor

$1000 Per Year

Referral Sources, Advisors, Consultants, Those seeking referral fees, Enterprise referrals, use of the BMA Brand, SEO Search capability on the site, QR Code Access, Back office management and online portal, replicated website, all other benefits of member

Certified Blue Moon Advisor

$2500 Per Year

Consultants, MBA Professional-Level financial analysis, business plan writers, researchers Referrals of qualified paid enterprises, coordinated project management, all other benefits of a member and Blue Moon Advisor, exclusive access to BMA Templates

Other Membership Options

Call For Pricing

Client, Student, Enterprise - Enterprises seeking capital, documentation, introductions to Subject Matter Experts & Referral Sources       Invitations to pitch sessions, access to the membership network, registration and project management through the portal, payment gateway

By paying our licensing fee to Blue Moon Advisors, Inc. The Association has secured the following Intellectual property that our members will be able to use, promote, and sell:

Blue Moon Advisor Logo & Brand

Tagline: “The Private Sector Rating Agency™

Motto:  “Trust but verify”

White Paper & Study

“Certified” Business Plan™

Capital Readiness Report™


Process & Protocol

Certified Blue Moon Advisor Course™

Essential Handbook for Small Business

Blue Moon Advisors & Associated Persons

Historical Records & Documents


Business Capital Review Magazine


Association of Blue Moon Advisors

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Suite 203
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

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